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Air pollution, How it is impacting human lives in 2022

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Many Americans don’t know that America is the second-largest year polluter in the world after China, and it h paying its cost in form of diseases and climate change activities that we saw in 2022 that are a part of major Domino effect of air pollution.
As we all know we cannot live without air everybody can live without food water but cannot live without air even for a minute, so it is very important for you to know about the air pollution and its harmful effect that are causing not only on our bodies but anything that is essential for us.
So in this article, we are going to discuss what is Air pollution and its sources and its bad effect on human beings as well as on animals and plants.

What is air pollution? How it is impacting human lives in 2022

As we all know from the very beginning that Air consist of 78% Nitrogen 21% Oxygen and less than 1% carbon dioxide, Helium, ozone and water vapor so if we add some undesired smell, gas, dust or any unnecessary interference in this combination of atmosphere than that condition is called air pollution.

In simple words, Air pollution is the process of adding pollutants in the environment such as dust, smoke, gas, fog or any presence of water vapor with may be injurious to the life of man, animals or plants and which disturb the Containment of atmospheric gases is called air pollution.

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Sources of air pollution in 2022

Now we have already known that what is air pollution, let see what causes it and what are the sources of air pollution in today’s world.

Industrial air pollution

Industries contribute the largest amount of pollutant in the air in the race of economic development every country construct Industries which leads to the poisonous gas to increase in our environment most of these Pollutants mixes with the atmospheric gases and many industries pollute environment that is not reversible in any condition Industries like sugar, chemical fertilizer, iron, steel and oil refineries are playing a major role in addition to Air Pollution.

Motor vehicle

Motor vehicles is the second-largest pollutant of air in big cities and metropolitan city 50 to 60% of air pollution is caused by these different types of motor vehicles running on the roads it includes public transport, private transport like scooter, bus, trucks for any vehicle that run on gas causes air pollution.

Thermal power plants

Thermal Power plants release a lot of smoke and ashes in the air. Suppose if a plant is producing 1500 MW electricity then it releases 2010 of Ashes along with smoke daily, so this is a huge drawback of these thermal power stations.

Urban waste

Human waste comes out daily in terms of the smoke released which pollutes the air it may be seen a little, but it creates a huge impact on quality of air.


Dust releases from construction and mines releases a large quantity of pollutant in air.

How Air Pollution is impacting lives in 2022

Many of us think that what air pollution has to do with anything, we inhale oxygen and not this air pollutant but let me tell you this that the gas you are inhaling not just oxygen but Air Show, so they’ve pollutant come with it and make you sick very sick. These are some of the effects caused by air pollution

Bad effects on weather and climate

The Ozone layer of the atmosphere get damaged by these air pollutant, and it increases chances of going through of ultraviolet rays from Ozone layer which increases temperature due to which carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere increases, and it trends to melting of Snow and Glacier in the North and South Pole of the earth which creates adverse effect on weather cycle and climate.

Effect of air pollution on health

Air pollution not only affects the health of people but any other living organism with rising in temperature fishes are in danger and with the rising of air pollution people get diseases of lungs, skin, eyes and throat.

Bad effects of air pollution on animals and plants

Air pollution not only damages human body, but they are keen to damage trees and plants by rendering their growth and these chemical pollutant it goes through plants by their roots after animal eating these flowers leave they got sick, and they too die by consuming it.

How can we contribute in Controlling Air Pollution

Now as we already knew that what is air pollution, what are its causes and what are its harmful effect on animals and human beings now let’s see how to control it.

Using electric vehicles

It singles handedly control 40 to 60% of air pollution if we start using an electric vehicle or any other substitute to petrol or diesel which is not harmful to nature and does not cause smoke or pollute the environment.

Use filters in industries

Before releasing pollutants by using filters in the industry chimneys to filter its smoke so that it absorbs harmful Chemicals before releasing it in air pollution can decrease air pollutants in the air.

Introducing new laws

To reduce air pollutants in industries, introducing new and strict laws on the use of air pollutants will decrease air pollution drastically.


By rewarding individuals and industries for adapting less air-polluting ways, it can motivate people to shift towards the biodegradable and less polluting fuels and have it automatically decreases air pollution.

Banning the CFC’s

CFC damages the Ozone layer of the atmosphere which causes a rise in temperature and leads to the bad effects of ultraviolet rays and other injurious rays of sun on the human body as well as on animals and plants, so by banning these should be good news for all the nature lovers.

Conclusion-We hope that all offers will contribute in decreasing air pollution and adept less polluting waste this is the only hope we have to live a healthy life and give it to our children’s and if you like our article on air pollution what causes it and how to control it then do like ok do share it on and create awareness.

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