HAIR CARE TIPS FOR MEN with long Hairs

Taking good care of your long hairs is not an easy task, if you also have long hairs and you are not able to take good care of them and you are facing hair problems like hair fall and dandruff, then you have to read our haircare tips for man article carefully. And after following these tips you can see the difference in your hair texture and growth at the same time. HAIR CARE TIPS FOR MEN

Many boys have a dream to have beautiful long hairs but long hairs come with a long hair care routine and many men ignore taking care of their hairs and they end up with messy and not so good looking long hairs. We hope that you are not one of them and you will follow our tips for the sake of your long beautiful hairs. Here are some hair care tips for men that you can follow.

Moisturize your scalp.

There is a misconception among many people that applying oil to our hairs makes hair worse, If you also think the same then let me tell you that you were wrong. Applying oil makes hairs shiny and strong. All we have to do is apply oil to hairs once or twice a week, applying oil does not mean applying oil daily once or twice a week is enough. Oil makes hair scalp moisturise and helps in dandruff, it is the most common cause of hair fall.

Use good shampoos and conditioners

Many people believe that hair gets lightened by applying conditioner and shampoo, then my friend it is also a misconception and wrong. Applying conditioner to our hairs does not only makes them beautiful but also makes them shiny and prevent them from losing their strength.
All you have to do is select shampoo and conditioner according to your hair structure and of the good company. Use anti-dandruff shampoo once or twice a week even if you don’t have dandruff it will prevent you from having it later. And If you already have a problem with dandruff, then you have to try any good anti-dandruff shampoo on your hairs three or four times a week until you get rid of it. Keep in mind that the anti-dandruff you use should not contain more than 2% cantanozol salt.

Dry your hairs

You have to dry your hairs after bathing, but keep in mind that you did not dry your hairs with a towel or any cloth it will damage your hairs as the density of wet hairs are high and if we dry hairs with a towel it can cause hair loss. Always use a hairdryer to dry your hair it will not cause hair to fall and gives your hairs extra volume, one more thing you have to keep in mind do not hair dry your hair with the extreme heat setting as it dries the scalp which will lead to hair loss.

Brush your hairs.

After drying your hair, you have to brush them as well. Use a good quality soft brush as the hard brush can damage your hairs. It will also help in removing your dead hair and dirt from your hairs. Brush your hairs while drying your hair to give them extra volume.

Trim your hairs

Now that you know what to do, let’s know what you don’t have to do with your long hair to make them beautiful and grow faster.

Never dye your hairs

You should never get your hair dyed, it affects your hair growth as well as hair structure. There are many harmful chemicals used in making them. These chemicals can be very harmful to your skin as well. You must have heard from many that applying dye was their main reason for baldness. If your hairs start to grey then you can use natural colour like Hina but never use chemicals.

Stop rubbing your hairs

Never rub your wet hairs with a towel or cloth as it can cause hair loss. Try to rub gently if you are drying your hairs otherwise use a hairdryer to dry your hairs. Rubbing makes your hairs weak which will lead to hair fall.

Stop wearing caps

If you like to wear caps or tighten cloth around your head then you have to stop this habit right now or your hairs will start to fall.

We hope that by following these your hairs will become beautiful and healthy and by following these hair care tips you can take care of your long hairs.


How can I get better hair men?
Right ways to get better hair.
1 moisturize your scalp.
2 use good shampoos and conditioners.
3 dry your hairs.
4 Trim your hairs.
5 Stop wearing caps.
6 stop rubbing your hairs.
7 dry your hairs with a hairdryer.
8 Stop Colouring your hairs.

How can I get amazing hair?
You can get amazing hairs by taking good care of your hairs.
What grows hairs faster?
There are many factors involved in the growth of hairs some of them are.
1 high protein diet.
2 good shampoo and conditioner
3 stop rubbing your hairs
4 exercises
5 yoga
6 sleep
7 smoking and drinking
Which vitamin is best for hairs?
Vitamin A helps in the growth of hairs.

Is oilling good for hairs?
Yes oilling plays an important role in hair growth.

we hope that by following these tips you can grow your hairs long and shiny.

have a wonderful day..