Try these hacks to double your Instagram followers in 2 days

Do your friends have more followers on Instagram than you and you feel like you’re less popular than your friends or you want to be an influencer on Instagram. Here are our tips for increasing organic followers all you have to do is follow our tips and your followers will start to increase on their own. You may have heard about the various fake applications and websites which promises you genuine followers but all the followers are either bots or dead accounts which do not even active for ages, these followers are of no use and these accounts are deactivated or unfollows you after some time. And of course, there are privacy issues too because you have to login into these applications and websites.
You don’t need to download any application or log in to any website all you have to do is to make these changes in your profile to increase your followers on Instagram.

Make your Instagram profile interesting

the first thing you have to do Is ask yourself why I follow someone’s account because I find it interesting right, so you have to make your Instagram profile interesting so that people start following your account after visiting your profile. For this, you can add many things to your Instagram profile that helps your account in looking interesting.

Add these things to your profile to make it interesting.
Add bio
Many of us think that what effect it makes and we ignore that part of the profile but let me tell you that it is the most important part of the profile as It gave the idea to the new visitors that what is this account all about.
Try to write as briefly as possible nobody likes to read a paragraph about someone. You can add links to your other social media profile or your business it will also help you in finding an audience for your other social media.

Add profile category

There is an option in the Instagram profile category in which you can add what you do or what is your account all about which can help you to get new followers who are interested in your type of profile category.

Add story highlights

You can add your stories to the story highlights section it will increase your posts and it looks cool too. Try making different sections for particular types of stories it will help your audience to connect with you.

Add caption

Add captions to your post and stories as captions play an important role in making your Instagram profile interesting so make sure you use good captions and the right spelling. You can also use motivational quotes in your captions. If you can not write your captions, there are many applications and websites where you can find good captions according to your post you can download these apps from the Google play store and if you are using iOS you can find this application app store. One of my favorites is captions writer for Instagram you can try it to write your caption.

Post every day

If you want to become an influencer you have to post stories and posts every day it can help you to get more engagement on Instagram. And more engagements means more followers and make sure that your Instagram profile is public otherwise, it can affect your reach to new followers. Make sure that you post relevant content posting every day Does not mean to post anything. Try to add filters to your stories and post try to add some editing too but not too much as it can ruin your efforts.

Use hashtags, name tags and location tags

Hashtags are like fuel to the engine without fuel engine can not travel on its own so the third thing you have to do is to use hashtags It will increase the reach of your post, and by using name tags and location tags people from your locality can find your post. If you use popular hashtags and location tags your posts will automatically go to people who follow that popular hashtag or location tags so use popular or hashtags with a large number of followers to increase your post reach. Now the question is how to find these hashtags for this there are many paid and free application for you to find on the app store and on the play store to find these hashtags.

Increase engagement

There are many ways to increase engagement of the Instagram account One of my favourites is Instagram reels, you can use new reels features of Instagram to increase engagement of your account reels can be very helpful in increasing engagement as Instagram promote your reels, igtv videos and mentions also help in increasing your engagement just remember when you upload any post just tag accounts with large no of followers like celebrities and your post start showing in the tags section of that celebrity it helps you to increase engagement.


This promotion feature of Instagram gives you opportunities to attract followers having an interest in profiles like yours. One thing you have to remember before promoting your post or stories make sure that the picture or video has been of good quality as bad pixels cannot attract anyone. Instagram charges some amount to promote your post and stories which can help you to get new followers. You can also use a free method of promotion by which you can get new followers all you have to do is ask your friends family members to give you a shoutout, it will help you to get new followers on Instagram.
We hope that by following these tips you can gain a decent number of followers organically and if you are interested in making money your Instagram profile Have a wonderful DAY.