How to increase subscribers from YouTube shorts?

Hey guys, have you heard about the new feature of YouTube shorts which is a short video sharing feature of YouTube introduced in September 2020 in which you can add songs, filters and a lot more things to make them attractive.
But the only thing you don’t know that you can increase your subscribers with this amazing new feature of YouTube, shorts can become a good medium to increase the reach of your youtube channel which will result in more subscribers, don’t worry we will tell everything about this amazing feature of youtube ‘YouTube shorts‘.

What is YouTube shots?

YouTube shorts is the short video sharing feature of YouTube which is introduced by YouTube in September 2020 you can share your 15 seconds short video or less and you can add music and a lot of filters you can also add many things to make your shorts attractive. You can do different types of edits to it according to your creativity. Now you don’t need a camera and a pc to edit your videos just take out your phone and start recording your shorts.

How to make YouTube shots?

Making YouTube short is as simple as watching them, just click on the plus sign in the middle of the YouTube app and you are ready to make your short. you can add filters, music and can edit them in various forms you can also add previously saved videos from your phone memory and upload them on YouTube shorts where add music filters and a lot more things. These YouTube short will appear on your YouTube channel like other youtube videos.

How YouTube short is different from YouTube video?

YouTube shorts is a short video sharing platform feature Within YouTube but you cannot add a video of more than 15 seconds but in a YouTube video, you can add a video of 12 hours or a video of 128 GB whichever is less. You can edit your YouTube short and add copyright music unlike in YouTube videos.

How to viral YouTube shots?

Follow these steps to get more likes and views on YouTube shots and make them viral
Use new music
1: Always try to make YouTube shots on trending music on music that was already popular do not add your music if it is already available on YouTube you can add your music gif that remix our music is not available on YouTube.
2: Post as much as YouTube shorts possible
Now, this may sound weird but if you want to viral your YouTube shots you have to upload at least 3 to 5 shorts daily it increases your chances of one of your YouTube shots going viral and make you famous.

How to increase subscribers from YouTube shots?

If you are struggling to get new subscribers on your YouTube channel try to post YouTube shorts instead of YouTube videos YouTube itself promotes YouTube shorts which will increase your subscriber if one of your shorts got viral.


Q: How to earn money from YouTube shorts?

A: If you want to earn money from youtube shorts try to find sponsors for your youtube shorts but Right now there is no option to monetize YouTube shorts but you can earn money with regular youtube uploaded along with youtube shorts.

Q: Do YouTube shorts count as watch time?

A: No, YouTube shorts watch time is not concluded in watch time for channel monetization. Only watch time of YouTube videos and YouTube live is counted as watch time for channel monetization.

Q: When did YouTube shorts start?

A: in India YouTube shorts started in September 2020 and in USA google launched in march 2021.

Q: how to upload upload YouTube shorts from laptop?

A: To upload YouTube shorts from laptop or your computer simply go to the ‘Customization’ in your YouTube dashboard and click on add section and now select YouTube shorts.