How to make your Instagram profile attractive?

Do you want to make your Instagram profile attractive like Instagram celebrities with tons of followers then all you have to do is follow these tips and your Instagram profile will look like a profile of a celebrity attractive and stunning? A profile that everyone wants to follow, do these little changes in your Instagram profile and you are ready to rock this world.

Upload your best picture on your DP

If you put a selfie or a group photo on your profile picture then remove it immediately and put a photo of yours in which you are looking at least half because Instagram profile picture shows only a little bit of frame so we have to use this space wisely, put your high-quality photo and keep the brightness and contrast in it a little more so that people can identify your profile just by looking at it. If you let your friend suggests you a profile picture then it will be even better as you will not tell how other people see you.

Update your bio

You have to update your bio in such a way that by seeing it people will get an indication that why should they follow you. Keep the bio short and simple, try to write in English it will help you to get global reach on your profile.
If you have other social media accounts, you can paste their links in your bio it will help people to connect with you better and try to keep your bio in one or two lines.

Add story highlights

If you do not save your Instagram stories in the story highlights section, then you are lacking an important part of your profile that can make your profile more attractive and stunning. You don’t need to put your every story in the story highlights section instead of putting those stories which are relevant. You can add a heading to similar types of stories, for example, if you travel somewhere then add all stories related to that travelling in a particular heading. Similarly, you have to save at least five story highlights on your profile.

Edit picture before upload

If you want to make your Instagram profile fun and amazing, then if you upload a photo randomly, you have to stop doing this. Upload a picture only after editing it properly, you can also use the inbuilt filters available on Instagram so that your photo will look amazing and attractive, you can also use pics art and photoshop to edit your photos.
Do not upload any of your photos with low pixels and low quality it does not make a good image of your profile to your followers. You have to always keep in mind that upload fewer posts, you can upload stories but upload only the best of the best photos of you in the posts so that your profile will be visible to your followers with lower posts. But you have to upload stories daily so that people could connect with you daily. You can use hashtags and location tags in your stories to enhance your profile reach.

Upload pictures with a good caption

Captions play an important role in making Instagram profile attractive and stunning. All you have to do is find a good caption according to your post. Google can make it easy for you, you can find an infinite number of captions just select according to your post and put it in the description. You can write poetry or dialogue from a movie in your captions. You can also tag Instagram celebrities in your posts to increase the reach of your posts.

Use the relevant hashtag in your posts

Hashtags are like fuel to the engine without fuel engine can not travel on its own so the third thing you have to do is to use hashtags It will increase the reach of your post, and by using name tags and location tags people from your locality can find your post. If you use popular hashtags and location tags your posts will automatically go to people who follow that popular hashtag or location tags so use popular or hashtags with a large number of followers to increase your post reach. Now the question is how to find these hashtags for this there are many paid and free application for you to find on the app store and on the play store to find these hashtags.

If you do all these things in your Instagram profile, then your profile will start to look like the profile of an Instagram celebrity on its own, you have to follow a few simple steps and you can also give your Instagram profile a celebrity look that you can see People will like to follow you. now you know How to make your Instagram profile attractive? And if you want to increase your Instagram followers organically.

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