The true meaning of being imperfectly perfect

What is the imperfectly perfect meaning?

A lot of people have been asking me this question too. Well, I think it means a person who is beautiful despite the extra weight she carries. I know a few women who are considered thick but has a cute face and are well dressed so being imperfectly perfect really suits them. They look great in everything they wear plus their faces are very lovely.

What are the challenges of being an imperfectly perfect lady?

There are some who claim that they’re naturally thick meaning it’s part of their genes but what I know is that most are not natural and are actually fat because of overeating or having no self-control in eating. I know that it is very hard to let go of food but if you really want to succeed in any aspect of your life, you have to work very hard in achieving the goals that you’ve set for yourself.

Why is it important to be imperfectly perfect?

I think that women should be imperfectly perfect especially if they look beautiful despite the extra weight they carry. It’s always good to see a girl who is thick and confident. But I also know that most of these girls really work hard in achieving their goals and dreams and deserve admiration for being so brave even when it is not easy.

The benefits of being imperfectly perfect 

Did you know that there’s no such thing as perfection? No, not even in science. You see, the word “perfect” comes from the Latin term “perfect”, which means to finish (or fulfil). And yet, scientists define perfection as having something that is incomplete.

So what does that mean for us mere mortals? It means that we should embrace our imperfections because they are what make us unique and beautiful. After all, if everyone were perfect, the world would be a very boring place!

Now that you’re well-versed in the meaning of perfection, here are some tips to embrace your imperfections:

Accept yourself for who you are. Even if you don’t think you’re perfect because of your complexion or weight, remember that all women are uniquely beautiful. Chances are, others will think the same about you, too.

Be confident in your own skin. You might not be a size two or have the perfect complexion, but you’re still beautiful just the way you are. And if people tell you otherwise, don’t let it get to you because they’re probably just envious of how happy and confident you are.