What is Affiliate Marketing? How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing?

Hello friends as we already told you in our previous post how to earn money online in the series, today we are going to tell you about what is affiliate marketing and how people earn money with Affiliate marketing in India.
There is no another way to earn more money online other than affiliate marketing. People also earn money from add networks, but they are limited options if you look into affiliate marketing it is beyond your imagination, and you can earn unlimited amount of money if you do it in the right way.
It is very simple to earn money in affiliate marketing, but many people don’t have basic knowledge about it. So for them, we are here to elaborate from scratch on how to do affiliate marketing? What is affiliate marketing? And how to earn money with affiliate marketing, we are going to discuss these point in this blog post.

What is affiliate marketing?

In Simple language affiliate marketing is the way to earn money or commission by recommending a certain product or service to anybody, if that person buys that product or service than a certain amount of commission will be earned by the person who recommend that product.
In today’s era when everything is online and everybody shops online, that’s why affiliate marketing becomes the most popular way to earn good amount of money.
Foremost, you have to search companies which provide affiliate market by which you can earn money by refilling their product, not every company give commissions by recommending their products.
Some of these websites which pay a good amount of commissions are as follows

  • Amazon
  • Flipkart
  • Alibaba
  • eBay
  • Myntra
  • Mesho
  • Snapdeal
  • ClickBank and many more.

How affiliate marketing works?

If you want to earn money from affiliate marketing then you have to first understand how affiliate marketing works because if you don’t have any idea about how affiliate marketing work then you don’t able to earn money with it.
Affiliate marketing works on commission and on a specific sale made through someone’s referral code or through referral link.
Suppose that if you recommend a particular product or service from any website which enable affiliate marketing, and you recommend their product or service with a referral code or a referral link and if someone purchases from that referral link or referral code then you get commission on the purchase price it can be percent wise or quantity wise.
Suppose if you recommend someone a particular product and he or she purchases and refunded, then the commission you have earned will deducted from your referral earnings.

How to join affiliate program.

First you have to find out what are particular sites that are running affiliate program in which you can recommend some product or services to your follower. And after that you find out affiliate program that pays you well then you have to create account on that Affiliate account and fill your personal details like name, email address, PAN Card details, address mobile number, Payment address
Are certain requirements for different affiliate programs, you have to provide that information on the given columns.
Fill your details correctly, otherwise, your affiliate program membership can we declined.
Important terms in affiliate marketing
Many people get confused is between the terms used in affiliate marketing, and they are new in this field so here are important terms in affiliate marketing
Affiliate are those people who join a particular affiliate program and earns commission by selling their products online or offline.

Affiliate program
The ability of giving commission to an individual on selling a products or services is called affiliate program.
Affiliate link
Affiliate link is a unique link that created every time when you referral a product to somebody to earn commission on that Successful purchase.
Payment mode
Payment mode in the affiliate program is the method by which commission get credited in the affiliate account.

Affiliate ID

Affiliate ID is it is the unique ID which is given to a person who join an affiliate program after making account and feeling necessary details.

Where to do affiliate marketing?

You can get commission by selling product or service is it does not matter how do you generate sale whether it is from direct linking provide or posting on your blog, website or YouTube account so here are popular ways to do affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing by blog and website

You can create a website or a blog for doing affiliate marketing. Buy a domain according to your nich and set up your website on blogger or WordPress and write content that you friendly in and rank on top and place your links in the content.
By this method you can also earn good amount of money by running AdSense ads on your blog or website this is the easiest way to do affiliate marketing all you have to do is join high paying affiliate program and place your link in your content that’s it now all your focus should be on how to get more clicks on the affiliate links for which you have to increase your daily traffic on your blog and website by writing good content there is no shortcut in that.

Affiliate marketing by Facebook

As we all know that Facebook is the one of the largest users, so you can also do affiliate marketing by creating a Facebook page or by joining or creating a Facebook group.
All You have to do is make a Facebook page or group and start posting content on that. You have to build decent number of audience on that Facebook page or group, then find things people want on that particular group or Facebook page.
Example if you create Facebook page is regarding celebrity news you can do is join affiliate program by which people can buy this celebrity cloths and accessories now start posting links in comments who are interested in their attires by this you can earn a good amount of money in a short span of time.

Affiliate marketing by YouTube

YouTube is the largest video streaming platform where millions of YouTube videos are post regularly so why are you behind start your YouTube channel now and start earning money from the day 1 without having AdSense on your YouTube channel.

Case study to do affiliate marketing by YouTube. YouTube channel in which you can post videos regularly for example for me, I can post regular video on SEO regarding topics, so I have to make a YouTube channel that will review website, review plugins and themes and what I do is I put my affiliate link in the comment section or in the description section and tell people to buy from that link so that I can earn commission from that.
This is the one way you can earn affiliate marketing from YouTube possibilities are endless in this field, and you can make videos regarding anything and join affiliate market programs and start earning.

Affiliate marketing by WhatsApp group

As we all know that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app across the globe and every user which have a smartphone must have WhatsApp, so possibilities are endless to do affiliate marketing via WhatsApp.
You can make or join groups on WhatsApp and start posting your affiliate links on that, you can post affiliate links on your status. Also send private messages.

Conclusion we hope that by reading above article you get a full insight of what is affiliate marketing? How to do affiliate marketing? How to join affiliate marketing? And how to do affiliate marketing? Different platforms for Affiliate marketing and if you have any queries regarding these comment us down in the comment section below, and we will try our best to reply in the meantime thank you.