What is CRED app? How to Download, add cards and is it safe to use

If you want to pay your credit card bills easily and want to earn cashback and rewards by just paying your regular credit card bills through net banking, UPI like easy ways, and don’t have any options now you have that is cred application.
Cred application is leading in paying credit card bills and changing the way you pay can your credit card bills and manage them under one app
In This article we are going to talk about what is Cred App, who can use it and benefits of using cred App, Is it credit safe and things like this letter in this post.

What is Cred application?

What is CRED app? How to Download, add cards and is it safe to use

Cred Is an online application which is highly popular among credit card users to pay their bills in just one click, cred card app is made by Kunal Shah the founder of freecharge.
Cred application brings all your credit cards into one application where you can manage, and can pay bills of your credit cards by convenient ways like UPI, debit card or cred app balance.
Cred App is available on Apple Store and Google Play Store you can download on both of the devices, and you can also use by visiting their official website https://cred.club/.
There are many applications regarding paying credit card bills then what is new in cred the thing is Cred provide rewards in form of cred coins every time you pay your credit Card bill you can redeem these cred coins on different e-commerce website, or you can cash this coins to pay your other bills in Cred app.

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Who can use Cred App?

Now if you are thinking that everyone can use cred app then you are wrong only users who have a good civil score are eligible to use cred app and only those users who have more than 750 CIBIL score can use Cred app.

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Who invented cred app?

The founder of free charge app Kunal Shah which is very popular to pay your bills, recharge or to do payments through UPI is the founder of trade app.

How to download cred app?

Download cred app you have to go to Play Store or Apple Store according to your mobile OS and after typing in Play Store cred app click on install to download credit application now you are ready to use credit.

Benefits of using cred app?

  • Create app is free for all to use.
  • Synchronizes all your credit card into one app.
  • You can pay your credit card bills through convenient ways like UTI, debit card.
  • You get Cred coins every time you pay your credit card bills on cred app.
  • Furthermore, you can redeem these cred coins for cashback on your later bill or can use on e-commerce website.
  • Cred app interface is easy to use, and user-friendly interface make it very popular among credit card users to pay their bills.
  • Cred app give you notification every time your credit card bill is pending.
  • Cred app is highly secure and built by one of the professionals in the IT field.

How to use CRED app?

  • To use cred app, first you have to download the cred app from Apple Store or Google Play Store on your mobile.
  • Now enter your mobile which is link to your credit cards.
  • You have to verify your account through OTP, which is sent on your register mobile.
  • Now here you can see all your credit cards which are registered on your number, select cards which you want to add in cred app.
  • Now verify your cards one by one.
  • Pay your credit card bills easily and get rewards each time

Is Cred app safe to use

Cred App is invented by Kunal Shah who is also the founder of free charge, and they have very good reputation of handling data of users, so it is fair to assume that it is a safe app to use to pay your credit card bills through.

We hope that you get all your answers regarding cred application what is credit app who can use it is it safe to use and how to download it easily on your mobile phone and if you have any further queries then comment us down blue, and we will try to reply as soon as possible thank you share this article with your friends.

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