What is Discord App? How to use Discord Server?

Discord is an online application where you can create server, and you can join any discord to interact with your friends, relatives or stranger peoples and share photos, videos, links and other multimedia easily.
Discord is widely popular application among youth, especially online gamers and streamers are using this app to interact with their audience.
In this post we are going to tell you that what is discord server and how to create account on Discord and how to use Discord.

What is discord?

Discord is an online application which is available on Play Store and Apple Store and you can also use by visiting its website https://discord.com/ nowadays discord is very popular among youngsters especially those who are interested in online gaming streaming are used to interact with like-minded people on Discord.
After popularity of Discord it is not limited to gamers and steamers now everybody is using discord server to interact with people.
And if you want to create any discord server, you can do it by just creating a server on discord, or you can join like-minded people servers on it.

What is Discord server?

Discord server is like any group on any other social media platform in which you can connect with like-minded people and can share photo, video, link or any other multimedia easily.
You can make your own discord server, or you can join any server related to any topic which you are interested in by just one click discord server is used to connect with like-minded people or people want to share things with people who are interested in a particular thing or activity.

How to Download Discord App?

  • You have to go to Play Store or Apple Store to download Discord App.
  • Now in the search box, search Discord.
  • Click on the Discord application.
  • Now install Discord App and open it

That’s all you have downloaded successfully, Discord app

How to use discord server?

  • To use discord server, first you have to create an account on the discord.
  • Now you have to register on discord
  • You can use discord from mobile browser or its official website from laptop or computer on discord.com after opening discord, you will see account registration,
  • Enter your email address and other details,
  • Now, an OTP had been sent to your email address to verify your account.
  • Go to your email and confirm that registration

Now you are ready to use discord server join or create any discord server according to your needs.

How to create Discord server?

To create discord server first you have to create an account on discord and after completing registration login your discord on Discord App or website and go on the left side of screen and click server selection column and click on plus icon and create server, you can also add photo name and that’s all your discord server is created and ready to use you can add additional details like bio or and good-looking profile picture.

How to join Discord server?

To join discord server first you have to have a discord account after that you can only join discord by clicking on invite link, and you are ready to join any discord service server if you have.

How to listen music on discord app

To listen music on discord of you have to invite votes on your server, to listen to music without votes you cannot listen music on discord.