What is la calaca alegre about?

what is la calaca alegre about?

La calaca alegre novel is about Carlos whose mother get disappeared when he was just a child, and his story to solve the mystery of his mother’s disappearance. Now that he’s an adult, he decides to go back to his home town of Chicago to see if he can finally solve the mystery. As he starts investigating, he realizes that the truth is much more complicated and dangerous than he ever could have imagined.

How old is Carlos in La Calaca Alegre?

Carlos in La Calaca Alegre is 7 years old, and has been ever since his mother disappeared without a trace. Carlos suffers from the same nightmare every night: He is 7 years old, his mother is leaving for a party and he can’t stop her from leaving.

What is la calaca alegre about

Who wrote La Calaca Alegre?

La Calaca Alegre was written by Carrie Toth.