What is the purpose of the isoo Cui registry?

What is the purpose of the isoo Cui registry?

The isoo Cui registry is a publicly accessible online database that stores information on all registered trademarks in China. The registry is maintained by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC), and it aims to provide a comprehensive resource for trademark owners, agents, and the general public.

The registry contains data on both registered trademarks and pending applications. It includes the trademark’s name, description, classification, date of registration, and other associated information. The registry also allows users to search for trademarks by keyword or category.

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Why is the registry important?

The isoo Cui registry is an important resource for trademark owners and applicants in China. The registry provides details on all registered trademarks in China, including their names and classifications.

It is a valuable tool for quickly identifying whether a mark has already been registered in China, and it also provides users with information on the trademark’s scope of protection. The registry can be used to monitor competitors’ brands; search for similar or identical trademarks, and carry out background research on applicants filing new applications.